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Chemical Structure Search

Use this chemical structure search tool to search our chemical database for an exact or substructure match on your molecule of interest. You can also use this chemical structure tool to draw and modify standard organic chemical and organometallic structures.

Instructions for using the structure search and drawing tool:

  1. Hover over the icons to learn the function of the chemical structure drawing tools.
  2. Use the canvas to construct, import, or edit your molecules. Right-clicking on an object on the canvas brings up a pop-up menu that allows you to manipulate the objects and structures on the canvas. Click on an item in the pop up menu to set atom and bond properties, attach data to atoms and bonds, or set query properties on atoms.
  3. The tool contains four tool bars, placed around the drawing canvas:
    • A general tool bar (top) includes import, export, undo, cut, paste, view, and settings.
    • The drawing tool bar (left) can be used to clear the canvas or delete parts of an object. Draw by dragging from the toolbar and clicking on the canvas using any of the various bond types, symbols, or charges.
    • The template tool bar (bottom) allows you to select predetermined structures; e.g., benzene ring, cyclopentane, or cyclohexane.
    • The atom toolbar (right) allows you to select an atom by clicking on one of the frequently used atoms or select an atom from periodic table icon at the top of the toolbar.