Custom and bulk chemical services

Our custom and bulk chemical services support you through every step of your journey

Supporting multiple industry applications from bench to production - we’ve got you covered.

Chemicals and reagents are only a part of the total package. If your needs differ from our catalog product offerings, why not take advantage of our custom and bulk chemicals service? We offer two services: bulk and high-volume and custom chemicals. 

Bulk and high-volume service

Returnable stainless-steel barrels and drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBC), and container totes

Improve efficiency and safety with our more sustainable, high-volume solvent delivery services.

We offer a broad range of grades, volumes, and container options to suit your analytical and manufacturing requirements. 

10x Current catalog offering

We offer catalog options that can be ordered in larger sizes and formats.

We can provide a wide variety of chemicals, test them, package them, and deliver them based on your requirements. 

Custom chemical service

Custom synthesis

Optimize your synthesis with our extensive database of production methods for over 8,000 compounds.

Custom blends

Save time and get exceptional product consistency by letting us prepare your custom-made solvents, blends, and buffers at our facilities.

Custom specifications, packaging, and labels

Take advantage of our extensive analytical services to define and meet your unique specifications. We also offer labeling services to enhance product identification and custom packaging.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.